Trane Heat Pumps Reviews

Named for its father-son founders, James and Reuben Trane, Trane has provided solutions to homes and businesses since 1913. From the time Reuben came up with the idea for the first convector radiator in 1923, Trane has been viewed as an innovator in the industry. Currently owned by Ingersoll Rand, Trane has manufacturing facilities in 28 countries. However, the company’s recent customer service record may indicate Trane isn’t as trusted a provider as it once was.

General Performance of a Trane heat pump

Trane is known for providing quality products at affordable prices, with models that feature a 19.75 SEER rating. The company has created TruComfort Technology, which allows a heat pump system to run at the exact speed required to keep a building within ½ degree of the chosen temperature on the thermostat. Each system is tested to ensure it is durable, economical, and quiet.

Popular Trane heat pump models

The XV20i Variable Speed is Trane’s top-of-the-line heat pump, not only offering quiet, efficient operation, but also filtering incoming air using the company’s CleanEffects system. This helps prevent allergens and pollutants from entering the home. Trane’s more affordable XL20i heat pump has a SEER rating of 19.00 and separate compressors for milder weather and extremely hot weather. The XL15i is known for its quiet operation, ranking as having the lowest sound level of all of Trane’s single-stage systems. For top efficiency, consumers should consider the XL20i, XL18i, XL16i, XV18, and XV20i. These models may feature higher prices, but consumers can expect lower utility bills to help offset the extra cost.

How does a Trane heat pump compare to the competition?

Trane’s innovative technology can be seen across each of its product lines, with trademarked technology used to power

Trane heat pump1 Trane Heat Pumps Reviews

each of its heat pumps. For efficiency, those products featuring the Trane TruComfort technology (XV20i, XV18) are a good choice. The XL20i offers Comfort-R technology, which helps with humidity control and temperature variance reduction. The two-stage cooling technology featured in the XL18i and XL16i can keep a home cool in the summer months. And the XL15i’s quiet operation makes it a great choice for those who have a small home where the heat pump is required to be located near bedrooms or home offices.

Online Reviews and Ratings for Trane products

Many of Trane’s online complaints surround its air conditioning coils, which have proven problematic for some customers in the past couple of years. Customers have a variety of other complaints, as well, but many have one common theme: Trane’s failure to respond to widespread complaints about its units failing. While, in some cases, these complaints could be due to problems with installation, the pages of negative comments about the company are definitely worth reading before a customer makes a purchase commitment.

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